Original or fake?

Companies in today's global market fight a constant battle to protect their brands from counterfeiters and product pirates looking to profit from a good brand reputation. These gray and black markets cause billions of euros of damage each year, and can negatively affect a company's image.


We offer a wide range of options to protect your products and brands from product pirates and mark them as authentic:

Fighting against plagiarism

We offer a range of technologies to help differentiate originals from counterfeit products:

rlc | optic scan technology recognizes unique random variations in the packaging material during the production process, and takes advantage of it to calculate a unique signature of the object. This allows each package to be identified and authenticated.


As opposed to proofing the natural structure of the cardboard, the rlc│optic trace app allows users to verify product authenticity using a smartphone. A photo of the packaging is sufficient to identify printed graphic markings invisible to the naked eye.

Trademark protection from rlc

  • Special printing inks
  • Security holograms
  • Security designs
  • Chemical fingerprints
  • Synthetic DNA identification
  • Organic security pigments
  • Security substrates
  • Magnet systems
  • Electronic systems


There are as many solutions as there are situations. Our specialists are always at your service – please contact us!