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Sustainable success

Sustainable management – preserving values across generations

Packaging responsibility has been at the heart of our business activities since 1861 – and this responsibility explicitly encompasses sustainable management. All aspects of sustainability are firmly embedded in our strategic agenda. Preventing and reducing waste, conserving resources and reducing emissions are just as important as economic success and social responsibility.


We view sustainability as a 360-degree approach across the entire lifecycle of a product, in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle. Our sustainability initiative is part of our corporate strategy aimed at achieving low-waste production through just-in-time production and ongoing improvement processes. This applies equally to the use of resources and to development, production and the entire supply chain. Our lean concept combines economic and ecological objectives.

We use high-end inline production technologies and focus on modern supply chain concepts. Occupational health and safety and a continual reduction of emissions are key elements of our sustainability concept, along with targeted promotion of young talent, professional development and health care for our employees.


In order to neutralize CO2 emissions, which cannot be completely avoided, we have developed a CO2 calculator with ClimatePartner, which creates a custom, detailed and transparent calculation of greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining emissions can be neutralized with CO2 certificates. Together, we can do something for the environment. Please contact us if you are interested in more information.


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility – focus on our community and privileges

We consider ourselves as an active member of society. Following this thought we are conscious, that every corporate activity along the supply chain has an effect on our social surroundings. This includes everyone of our 1.300 employees as well as customers and the supplier network.


Social responsibility is a strong character of our corporate identity as a family owned company and over generations we developed strong values. With our packaging responsibility we contribute to the high quality standards of our customers and effectively support their success. Together we pursue matching social and ethic values and ideals. Our special sense of duty results in visible and noticeable actions that make us a role model:

We have the power to encourage change – active engagement for our society and especially for underprivileged people is our obligation.