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Lean, just-in-time processes

Full warehouses or high-volume production that is not directly linked to demand represent conventional approaches to packaging production that we have long since abandoned. From the initial design draft to the finished product, we focus on the value chain from the consumer’s perspective. Working with our customers, we use our lean expertise to develop extremely lean solutions that can be easily implemented. We use vendor-managed inventory processes to network with our customers’ systems and requirements.

We continuously scrutinize our in-house processes. As part of our Phoenix Initiative, we use value stream analysis to optimize product flow and minimize waste in line with our lean production approach. Our goal is to supply just-in-time packaging solutions, optimize costs and offer our customers substantial benefits. This is what we call Supply Chain Excellence.


Learn more about our supply chain solutions, including Lean Consulting and Lean Production.


Lean consulting

rlc offers consulting services and lean expertise to companies interested in optimizing their processes – even when they have no specific packaging project planned.



Lean production

In line with our lean enterprise philosophy, we continuously improve our operations by simplifying and harmonizing processes and eliminating waste.