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Special packaging

Not every product is suited for standard packaging. The requirements for special packaging solutions are often as diverse as the products themselves.


We gladly support you with custom-designed solutions for your packaging challenges. Here are a few product solutions developed by rlc:


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Jars solutions


Packaging for creams should reflect its contents. The packaging needs to immediately communicate the characteristics of the packaged product and convey a sense of high quality.


Tube solutions

Packagingfor toothpaste and creams needs to be informative and its appearance should suitthe product. Options include the classic rectangular box or tube-shaped cases.


An alluring case with an elegant appearance.

Our solutions feature high-quality finishing that creatively accentuates the packaged fragrance.




Sample packaging


Samples (vials) are coveted giveaways wherever perfumes are sold, and their impressive miniature packaging is the most important aspect of a successful product promotion. Ask about our finishing options.


Bar solutions

Chocolate bars are still the best-selling type of chocolate.

In addition to paper wrappers, cartonettes (thin cardboard cases) are also trendy solutions for creative chocolate bar packaging.




Confectionery products are everywhere – eating sweets on-the-go is more popular than ever. Forty years ago, we laid the foundation for treats that fit in your pocket with the unique ZetKLIK-Böxli to-go packaging.

We supply a wide range of handy packaging options that are easy to carry – contact us for more information!

Packaging for chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles and candies on the sales counter give consumers the desire to eat a sweet treat. We recreate that feeling with our seductive chocolate packaging for specialty shops and supermarket shelves. Finishing technologies designed for food products create eye-catching packaging.



Freezer solutions





rlc packaging solutions are ideal for the freezer section. Food packaging is produced at BRC/IoP certified plant sites.






Coffee specialities

We have developed a wide variety of packaging solutions that meet the special requirements of coffee manufacturers. The packaging protects the high-quality capsules and creates an ideal marketing presentation.

Tea packaging





Tea packaging also has very specific requirements and is now sold in capsule form. We produce packaging designed to meet the special market needs for this product.

Back solutions



We’ve developed the easiest way to bake: CartoBack®. More...


Packaging for agricultural products

Trays for fruits and vegetables are an excellent presentation for fresh produce. More...

Tray solutions

Cardboard trays are often used for take-away products, from simple connected trays to coated cardboard for high-fat foods. For salads and similar products we supply trays with specially folded corners that prevent liquid from leaking out.


Combo products


Does your product require a folding box, leaflet and/or label? We develop exclusive, creative combo packs!




We offer a wide selection of sophisticated solutions, from transport trays and clam shells to a complete line of disposable packaging.

Pharmaceutical solutions

Drug packaging must be 100 percent free of even the slightest defects. The high safety standards at our PHARMACENTERS guarantee that every step of the specialized production process focuses on meeting the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.


The market for OTC products is changing. More...



Gift packaging

Our gift packaging has only one aim: To create a powerful first moment of truth for your product at the point of sale. From a complete line of body-care products to beautiful gift packaging for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and special occasions, these sets all have one thing in common: They show off your brand at its best.








Sealing solutions

Conventional folding boxes are not hermetically sealed. This means primary packaged goods are vulnerable to external influences and can stick together. We developed our K4 concept to eliminate this problem. The cardboard packaging has fused seams and a plastic closure. This keeps the contents fresh even in high-humidity conditions, even after the packaging has been opened. An additional protective cellophane cover is unnecessary.