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Shopper Marketing

Sales maximization at the point of sale through individual customer approach.

Design real brand experiences

E-commerce has become a powerful competitor for the conventional point of sale. The way people shop online is very different from offline shopping because they are influenced by other impulses. This is something retailers need to recognize. Their strength lies in creating individualized, holistic and genuine – instead of virtual – brand experiences that delight customers. We rely on individual shopper marketing concepts for companies that want to succeed in the retail world.


We use our expertise to develop concepts that meet the needs of the retail partner, the shopper, and the consumer goods manufacturer. The objective is to inspire customers with a tailor-made approach along the shopping path and through three different zones.


"One size fits all" – classic POS marketing – was yesterday. Shopper marketing by BRANDKITCHEN goes much deeper as a strategic approach and places the consumer's entire personal shopping experience in the foreground to maximize the likelihood of a purchase.