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When intelligence has humor, it's called creativity. And even in times of digitization, this is far from being replaced. But other than that, especially in stationary trade, the need for creative solutions in the digital age is particularly great, since the consumer's demand is ever-increasing because they are no longer just looking for offers, but increasingly looking for relevant information, inspiration and lasting experiences. Accordingly, the expectations towards branded articles rises to satisfy this emancipated customer request in a crossmedial way.

In order to master these challenges, the rlc I packaging group is expanding its range of services with the communication agency BRANDKITCHEN, which has emerged from MIGROS. With it, far across the borders of packaging a holistic brand staging from one cast is ensured.

Due to well-founded Shopper Marketing Insights, crossmedial concepts of promotion are developed for the target groups in order to ultimately guarantee the customers an inspiring shopping experience at the POS. This unique customer experience is supported by the access to innovative technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and other new presentation technologies as well as by the corresponding know-how.




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