Human health and lives depend on pharmaceutical products. Packaging for medicines must be 100 percent free of even the slightest defects. Above all, the packaging should convey a sense of reliability and safety.

Operations at our PHARMACENTERS are precisely tailored to your industry requirements. You can rely on us to meet the highest hygiene and safety standards, while taking pharmaceutical compliance into account.  From manufacturing to marketing, our job is to guarantee the safety and success of your products.


As a complete system supplier, we supply everything you need from a single source. Our PHARMACENTERS cover the entire value chain: from research and development, sales-oriented design, efficient folding box production, leaflets and labels, to the relevant packaging technology, pharmaceutical co-packing, and logistics.


Our company is also authorized to fill primary-packed pharmaceutical products. Special pharmaceutical services, including on-demand consignment of folding boxes and leaflets with just-in-time distribution, are part of our everyday routine. We give you a complete package designed to simplify your processes.