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Packaging is designed to communicate the brand and stimulate needs. Our packaging achieves this through differentiation, emotional impact and information. Packaging is the best way to sell a brand. The allure of the wrapping is also a promise – making it more than simply a look and feel.


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Folding boxes and blanks, blister cards, gift packaging, bottle carrier, Clam shell packaging & pre-set-up blanks, paper packaging, packaging for agricultural products, back trays, impermeable packaging, counter displays, combo packs, ZetKLIK handypacks, molded packaging, unique constructions, extraordinary solutiuons

Folding boxes and blanks

Folding boxes and blanks offer practically unlimited possibilities. We supply packaging as flat, pre-glued cartons or as unglued packaging blanks. More...


Blister cards




Blister cards for packaging Beauty products or foods are a permanent part of our product portfolio. They are used to package products that require hygiene and protection but should also make a big impact at point of sale.

Gift packaging



Gift packaging for every occasion show off your brand at its best. Our efficient production meets every demand!


Bottle carrier

From carrier packaging, completely closed packaging and wraps to clip packaging – our beverage solutions ensure that your bottles or cans are optimally secured and meet the requirements of the supply chain an brand!



Clam shell packaging & pre-set-up blanks 

Prefabricated packaging has to be set up and ready to use, especially for take-away products. Our clam shell packaging or pre-set-up blanks are delivered stacked and nested to save space.

Paper packaging




Chocolate is delicious and irresistible – and its packaging design should whet consumer appetites! Ask about our paper packaging for chocolate!

Packaging for agricultural products

Your fruits and vegetables – our trays. Trays are delivered already set up and stacked to save space. The cardboard material is ideal for moisture exchange and prevents waterlogging. All our trays can be recycled or composted.

Back trays

We’ve developed the easiest way to bake: CartoBack®. From cakes and casseroles to meat dishes – convenience in the kitchen is a modern trend. Today, only one package is needed for storing, selling, baking and serving frozen items. Dishes can be quickly and easily prepared and served directly from the packaging.


Impermeable packaging

Optimal protection from all external influences: Fused seams and a plastic closure make our K4 cardboard packaging impermeable. Contents stay fresh even without a cellophane cover!

Counter displays

Attract attention at the point of sale! Our construction and design solutions for counter displays meet a wide range of requirements for a high-impact presentation.






Combo packs



Does your product require a folding box, leaflet and/or label? With our product package, you reduce your administrative hassle and have access to innovative solutions that set you apart from the competition. Packages are available for FMCG as well as sensitive pharmaceutical products.

ZetKLIK handypacks

Confectionery products are everywhere – eating sweets on-the-go is more popular than ever. Forty years ago, we laid the foundation for treats that fit in your pocket with the unique ZetKLIKi to-go packaging.

Molded packaging


Custom-shaped packaging ensures exclusive brand communication and is in demand for special occasions.




Unique constructions

A special opening, an integrated drawer, the option to create a hanging presentation on the shelf – the possibilities are as diverse as your products and our ideas.

Extraordinary solutions

Innovation meets reality! Tracking trends and applying them to packaging is our day-to-day business. More...