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Packaging Design & Engineering

Ideal packaging solution made by rlc

Activating brand values with the packaging

Should everything shine and shimmer or is reserved minimalism the right statement? The First Moment of Truth is decisive − the packaging at the POS makes clear statements about the brand. To appeal to the right customers and win them over, all four dimensions of the packaging should be perfectly matched to one another. With this in mind, our packaging design experts take into account the materials, structural design, graphic design, and finishing. Based on this synergy, they develop the packaging with the right message. At the same time, they take a close look at the product requirements, for example in the area of ​​product protection. Learn more about advanced anti-counterfeiting, tamper evidence, and compliance solutions.


RETHINK PACKAGING. Innovation is what drives us. We're happy to develop design concepts in 3D visualizations, high-end renderings, or in mock ups before technical implementation begins.

Trademark protection


We show you a variety of technologies that can distinguish between original and counterfeit products.



Smart packaging


Packaging is much more than product protection. Today's intelligent packaging offers an array of additional benefits.


Cross-media solutions


Do you want to interact with consumers through packaging? Let us inspire you!





Green chic solutions


Our green chic solutions combine the responsible use of resources, reliable product supply, and eye-catching presentation.



Innovation management

Our innovations are creative and enable systematic planning – so that they move in the right direction from the very start.