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Global Packaging Alliance I Think global - act local

Uniform standards in packaging production are necessary for global brands to maintain a consistent brand identity. Local or regional developments are becoming global trends faster than ever before. We established the Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) so that we can set standards with a perspective on worldwide development and challenges. Our customers benefit from the exchange of experiences in the GPA and sharing of expertise in this unique network.

All GPA members are known for their coordinated production processes, quality standards and global packaging responsibility across the entire value chain. We think globally and act locally. We are continuously learning from one another and apply this knowledge to develop the right solution in the right place – to strengthen global brand identities.

Global Packaging Alliance (GPA) sites:

Diamond Packaging   USA
Goncalves S/A Ind. Gráfica   Brazil, Mexico
rlc I packaging group   Germany, Switzerland, Poland
Masterpack   South Africa
Polygrafoformlenie Flexo   Russia
Kumar Printers PVT. LTD.   India
Samwon Printing   South Korea
ZRP Printing Group Limited Co., Ltd.   China
PrintPark Ltd.   Turkey