Our exceptional innovative strength and striking packaging solutions have earned us numerous awards.

Winner of the European Carton Excellence Awards in 2018

Holographic 3D highlight makes a big impression on the pharmaceutical packaging design for Mezym and offers additional protection against forgery. The packaging design attracts attention thanks to its coloring and three-dimensional lens, which is applied to a metallic material and printed with a stylized image of the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it immediately clear to the customer which symptoms the medication alleviates. This patient-friendly presentation is highlighted with a pink halo. The eye-catching, high-quality shiny metallic colors also attract attention to the product. They are rarely seen on pharmaceutical packaging – however, OTC products need to attract attention at the point of sale, too. The courage to set new standards was rewarded with the European Carton Excellence Award in the “Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals” category.

German Packaging Award 2017, iF Design Award 2018, Polite Packaging 2018, Nominee Swiss Packaging Award 2018 for "ONE UP" dispenser system

Up and down – simple movement of the inner carton gives access to the product and makes ONE UP the ideal packaging for candy such as chocolate drops as well as for dietary supplement or pharmaceutical pills. The single dispenser guarantees an easy transportation, a convenient and hygienic handling and a strong presentation of the product at the point of sale. Users can easily dose their product and get a playful packaging experience. This versatile packaging concept awakens consumer and the juries interest. ONE UP was awarded with the German Packaging Award 2017, iF design Award 2018, Polite Packaging 2018 in gold and as a nominee of the Swiss Packaging Award 2018.

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Winner of the European Carton Excellence Award 2017

"Beautiful, simple and secure." – Our “Beauty Box“ convinced the jury of the European Carton Excellence Award 2017 in the category “Beauty & Cosmetics”. The packaging concept delicately packages, protects, and attractively displays sensitive glass ampoules. As limited edition exclusively designed for Mother's Day, the “Beauty Box“ creates a loving gift character. Two windows along the length of the box give a deep insight. However, designed without PET window foil, the solution also considers sustainable effects. Pure indulgence! Further information here.

Packaging printer of the year 2016

In conjunction with the Druck and Medien (Print & Media) Awards 2016, we were honored as the packaging printer of the year with the Paradowski Award 2016. The jury praised our company's development as a leading packaging system supplier for the Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Food and Luxury goods industries and our commitment to continuously optimizing packaging solutions. Further information here.

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Finalist for the Pro Carton Award 2016

We make the dental care product line "White Now" more brilliant than ever with a packaging relaunch. Cardboard with high-quality finishing and large PET windows with a clear view of the premium tube inside attract attention at the POS. The folding box is designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials makes it more sustainable than its predecessor. The holistic concept was nominated as a finalist for the Pro Carton ECMA Award in the category “Volume Market”.

Let there be light: rlc wins the “German Packaging Award 2016” four Lumen

This year, the German Packaging Institute has awarded us the German Packaging Prize in the category "product presentation": With “Lumen” we design new packaging ideas that attract attention with a combination of lighting effects and special designs. Electronic features printed onto the packaging highlight the shape, colors and individual details of various packaging types. Different switch mechanisms activate the specific lighting feature, surprising the customer directly at the point of sale or when the package is opened later – the second moment of truth.

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Red Dot Award 2015 and finalist for the Pro Carton Award

Velvety-soft case for premium shapewear
It is attractive and medically effective at the same time: the modern ITEM m6 hosiery and shapewear concept from high-tech manufacturer medi. The packaging has a surprising soft-touch finishing with a velvety-smooth, deeply UV-print surface. A selection of printed package inserts visible through front and back windows attract even more attention. Like a book waiting to be opened, the folding box attracts consumer curiosity and can be reclosed with a gentle "click." The holistic concept is a winner: this packaging received the Red Dot Communication Award 2015 and is a finalist for the Pro Carton ECMA Award.

German Design Award 2015, IF Award 2015 and Swiss Packaging Award 2014

Unique functionality, many different design qualities and efficient production – these are the compelling features of our packaging concept ZetSLIDE 3! Uncompromising on functionality and ergonomics, the ZetSLIDE 3 is the third and latest generation in a series of innovative slider packaging solutions, and it comes with a trick up its sleeve. The compact, rectangular folding box opens with a sliding motion to become a square, and the "slider" also reliably reseals the packaging. Additional advertising space is revealed when the box is opened – the previously concealed graphics add an element of surprise that will intrigue and delight consumers. The packaging consists of a single blank, minimizing waste and complexity, and the packaging concept is 100 percent suitable for automatic processing.

The contents can be easily accessed and dispensed – an absolute plus for consumers on the go and perfect for smaller products like sweets, chewing gum, or pharmaceutical and OTC items. Optional die-cut features for the outer sleeve will turn heads at the point of sale.


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German Packaging Award 2014 and Swiss Star 2013

This concept echoes the curves of a woman's body alluringly laced in a corset – the effective packaging design "seduces" consumers into making a purchase. The packaging development by the design experts from brandpack, our in-house design agency, called for a keen understanding of detail. A special technique was used to create the 3D lacing effect, with two layers of cardboard "wrapped" over each other proving the ideal solution. The layers also create a natural padding on the back that protects the contents. As a comprehensive system supplier, we are also mindful of filling options and have already conducted successful technical feasibility tests for the production and packing processes. The concept strikes the perfect balance between eye-catching design and efficient implementation. Practically unlimited finishing options enhance and underscore the realistic feeling of the design. Whether youthful, provocative, or elegantly conservative, the detailing can be adapted in numerous ways depending on the packaged product.

iF communication design award 2012

We received the 2012 iF communication design award for our packaging solution "innovation³." A comprehensive solution from design and development to production, innovation³ consists of seven nested folding box cubes made from different types of cardboard that display the entire spectrum of attractive finishing options. Laser effects, blind and micro embossing, hybrid finishes, Iriodin pigments, partial drip-off and spot coatings, scented coatings and foil laminations demonstrate the possibilities of modern finishing techniques. We   received a distinction in the same category for the book "Der Weg der Marke" (The Path of the Brand), written in cooperation with packaging expert Hans-Georg Böcher and published in the summer of our company's 150th anniversary.

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iF packaging design award 2012

Our series of folding boxes for cosmetics manufacturer andrea.biedermann earned us an iF packaging design award in 2012. The high-end yet sustainably-produced series of folding boxes reflects "green" consumer preferences. The simple BOX made of FSC® certified cardboard in three different designs has a stunning look and feel, thanks above all to the natural, strongly embossed cardboard.


Our packaging solution for "BabyNes" received an award in the same category. BabyNes is a new nutrition system from Nestlé for infants and young children. Each sort comes in a different colored packaging with an unobtrusive, high-quality design created with embossing, deep embossing and high-gloss UV finishes.

Swiss Star 2011

The coveted Swiss Star special award for design was won by rlc for its cube-shaped "Black Box", a folding box made of Invercote cardboard coated with black PE film and finished with silver foil. The Swiss Packaging Institute SVI awards the Swiss Star each year for exceptional packaging solutions.

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World Star 2011

The name says it all: Diamond, a packaging solution with a curved cover and contoured edges, was the winner of a World Packaging Organisation WorldStar award in 2011. With its unique design, the compelling concept is ideal for high-end confectionery packaging. Diamond qualified for the WorldStar after receiving an iF packaging design award the previous year.