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Two corners, three sides and a clear view: rlc | packaging group gives toothpaste a brand new look

Swiss chocolate brand Cailler
With hot or cold foil finish and blind embossing, depending on the product type inside, the new "White Now" packaging from rlc ensures an optimal presentation of the toothpaste product at the point of sale.

Hanover, 29 April 2016. rlc makes the dental care product line "White Now" more brilliant than ever with a packaging relaunch. Cardboard with high-quality finishing and large PET windows with a clear view of the premium tube inside attract attention at the POS. The folding box is designed for a streamlined packing process and the choice of materials makes it more sustainable than its predecessor. 

"Oral and beauty care products on the market today need something special to set them apart. They also need to be instantly identified at the POS as premium goods," says Jörg Schwerdtfeger, European Key Account Manager for Beauty and Personal Care at the rlc | packaging group. "This is exactly what we have achieved with our new packaging for the "White Now" oral care series." The hybrid concept using high-quality virgin fiber-based board and large PET windows was developed in cooperation with the packaging design agency brandpack.

The premium solution is an excellent example of rlc's integrated approach. Technological expertise and close cooperation come together to create a perfect synthesis of all key components including design, production, and the packing process. Special micro perforations in the window replace conventional creasing and enable the new format to be packed as efficiently as its predecessor. The arched window contour of the new design echoes the design of the toothpaste tube inside. The large window in the folding box showcases the tube to full effect.

"For the relaunch it was particularly important to emphasize the premium character of the product," Schwerdtfeger explains. "The objective was to focus on the toothpaste tube itself and to ensure the packaging creates maximum brand recognition." Along with the combination of window and cardboard, it is above all the finishing technology that sets the packaging apart. Together with the graphics, the finishing creates a new overall look and perfectly captures the essence of the brand.

Brilliant teeth, glossy packaging

Since the PET used in the predecessor model was subject to cracking, Unilever opted for the new hybrid solution using cardboard with considerably less PET content. This is also better in terms of sustainability. "On the previous packaging, the logo and tooth illustration looked pale. Since the relaunch, with the brilliant white virgin fiber-based board, the packaging is glossy and bright," Schwerdtfeger says. Depending on the product inside, the new packaging solutions have a hot or cold foil finish and blind embossing. Brightly colored, shiny metallic background printing and glossy highlights in the shape of tiny stars accentuate the exclusive look of the boxes and create a compelling presence at the POS.

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