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rlc | packaging group welcomes Prof. Dr. Frank Ohle to the Management Board

Prof. Dr. Frank Ohle
From 1 July, Prof. Dr. Frank Ohle will join the Holding Management Board of rlc | packaging group.

Hanover, 3 June 2016. rlc | packaging group is restructuring its Holding Management Board and recently appointed Prof. Dr. Frank Ohle as Managing Director. He will begin on 1 July 2016, succeeding Henrik Kehren, who is leaving the company. In his new position, Prof. Dr. Ohle will complement the family holding around Hans-Christian Bestehorn and Stephan Bestehorn, and place special emphasis on optimising resource management at the company’s eight facilities in Germany, Switzerland and Poland, as well as driving and expanding the group’s role as an industry-specific system supplier and solutions provider. 

“With the arrival of Frank Ohle, we are very pleased to have found a renowned industry and brands expert who is well acquainted with the culture and values of our company, which has been a family-run enterprise since 1861,”says rlc | packaging group CEO Hans-Christian Bestehorn. “Thanks to his work as a consultant to entrepreneurs and businesses, he brings with him valuable experience when it comes to unlocking performance potentials and sparking new growth. With his help, we will continue to expand rlc’s profile as a comprehensive European solutions provider.”

Prof. Dr. Ohle was CEO of the STI corporate group from 2006 to 2012. In the interim, he has served as a management consultant and as a member of the supervisory boards and advisory councils of leading family-managed businesses in Germany, where he has actively guided and supported various growth and performance improvement programmes. Prof. Dr. Ohle, who holds a doctorate degree in Physics, enjoys a solid reputation as an action-oriented and highly focused manager. He hails from a family business in the paper and print industry.

“Shape”: Achieving performance leadership by continuously optimizing industry specialization and productivity
With the introduction of “Shape” in March 2016, rlc I packaging group launched a new program that places more emphasis on improving performance at the industry-specialized Centers of Excellence. It is intended to achieve more efficient processes and structures in an increasingly volatile market environment. As such, the program provides the basis for sustainably increasing the group’s competitiveness throughout the entire value chain. As Prof. Dr. Ohle explains, “Over the past few years, the rlc corporate group has intensively invested in the strategic orientation and specialization of its facilities. The task now is to employ the Shape program to optimize return on investment, and thus to not only bolster the group’s market position, but to further expand it.”

The group’s investment program mainly focuses on implementing the growth strategy, and on further optimizing process efficiency, for instance by intensifying digitalisation efforts in the value chain. The growth strategy is also supported by investments in new technologies. In 2016/2017, the group will remain on course for further growth with concrete measures, including the expansion of its facilities at BSC Drukarnia in Posznan, Poland.

“These far-reaching initiatives will allow us to enhance our family-run group’s position as a strategically relevant partner on the European packaging market and pave the way for sustainably high profitability,” explains rlc | packaging group CEO Hans-Christian Bestehorn. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Kehren for his commitment and positive influence over the past several years, and to wish him the very best for his future endeavours.”

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