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rlc | packaging group joins forces with Pharmadruck rotaflor GmbH


Greater impact in the leaflet segment

Increased production capacity and delivery reliability – Exchange of technology and production know-how – Broader expertise in the pharmaceuticals market

Hanover, 22. August 2014 – rlc | packaging group, a highly specialized system supplier of packaging solutions, and industry package leafletsspecialist Pharmadruck rotaflor GmbH signed a cooperation agreement in Augustthis year. Joining forces enables both companies to build capacity and strengthen their position in the market. The result is solutions for pharmaceutical packaging customers that meet the highest standards in innovation, quality, production security and delivery reliability. This partnership represents a continuation of the rlc group’s focus on the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The company already expanded its production capacity for the industry of late last year, with the completion of a second, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging production site in Poland.


“Pharmadruck rotaflor GmbH are absolute experts in leaflets and enjoy a reputation for the highest quality and maximum process safety,” says rlc | packaging group CEO Hans-Christian Bestehorn. “By entering into this cooperation, we have gained an excellent partner whose expertise and production resources will enable us to further specialize our leaflets division and expand our capabilities as a comprehensive system supplier.”


The partnership significantly strengthens both companies' market position. “rlc | packaging group is already firmly established as a packaging solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to their PHARMACENTER,” says rotaflor managing partner Roland Veil. “We are proud that rlc, one of Europe’s largest packaging manufacturers, has chosen us as a partner for its pharmaceuticals division. By combining the core competencies of our two companies, we will be better equipped to serve the unique needs of the pharmaceuticals market.” The first stage of the cooperation involves exchanging technology and production know-how and expanding the production capacities of both companies.

“rotaflor’s leaflet production is extremely efficient, using state-of-the-art and highly automated inline technology,” Bestehorn says. “rotaflor is a technology and performance leader in leaflets and we are delighted to have them as our partner.”


The longer term: Working together to deliver more

By safeguarding each other’s production, the two companies are better able to meet high capacity requirements at short notice. “From now on, we will be presenting our customers with our joint pharmaceuticals portfolio,” Bestehorn says. “We intend to strengthen this cooperation in a series of further steps, and establish an enduring position in the pharmaceutical industry as the performance leader for comprehensive packaging solutions.”

With its two PHARMACENTERS outside Berlin and Poznań (Poland) and the PHARMACENTER currently under construction near Zurich, rlc is focusing on the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Ongoing investments in new technologies enable the company to pursue its strategy of optimizing production and tailoring it to the specific requirements of its customers. This ensures rlc’s continued growth in its target industries: Pharma, Beauty, Food and Luxury goods.

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