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rlc offers climate-neutral packaging

Another logical step to better sustainability

Company-specific CO2 calculator from ClimatePartner measures greenhouse gas emissions from packaging / Emission balance by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects


Hanover, 12th December 2014 – The rlc | packaging group is intensifying its efforts to reduce climate change. Support through internationally recognized climate protection projects now enables rlc customers to offset greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production of their orders. Emission values are measured using a CO2 calculator developed by rlc in cooperation with climate protection experts at ClimatePartner. The production of carbon neutral packaging adds another important element to the rlc sustainability portfolio.


Environmental protection, social accountability and sustainable business practices are all key elements of the rlc approach to packaging responsibility. As a comprehensive system supplier, rlc has been dedicated to the success of its customers for more than 150 years. In line with its company-wide lean production concept, rlc has integrated a continuous improvement process aimed at minimizing waste across all manufacturing operations. This includes the efficient use of valuable resources in packaging development, production and supply chain management.

"Sustainable action and thinking are firmly anchored in our corporate strategy. This way we also create an important added value for our customers," explains rlc | packaging group CEO Hans-Christian Bestehorn. "For many years, we have relied on modern supply chain concepts. We continuously invest in the safety and security of our employees and implement our lean production concept to achieve both economic and ecological objectives." The company pays close attention to optimum material utilization. This includes the use of raw materials from renewable resources or recycled products. And as part of its "Green Chic" concept, rlc implements laser gloss and other resource-saving inline finishing technologies.


Added value for customers and the environment


Working in cooperation with ClimatePartner, rlc has developed a company-specific CO2 calculator based on a dynamic analysis model. This tool computes greenhouse gas emissions for specific orders, taking into account all factors related to the carbon footprint of a packaging. Emissions can be offset with emission certificates from internationally recognized climate protection projects. Using the results from the CO2 calculator, rlc plans to offer customers even more targeted advice on sustainable packaging design and production.


"By supporting international climate protection projects, our customers sustainably offset unavoidable carbon emissions from the overall product," says Bestehorn. Projects from which rlc customers can choose include ecological reforestation in northern Costa Rica, biomass plants in Brazil, and the use of hydropower in Indonesia. Carbon offsetting and transparent CO2 certification enable rlc to produce fully climate neutral packaging. Customers of rlc can also mark their products with the logo "Climate-neutral Packaging" and thus communicate transparently to their customers.

The carbon footprint for each of the rlc sites in Hanover, Aachen and Berlin has also been certified. "We are currently looking for other potential options to further reduce CO2 emissions. This reflects our ongoing commitment to eco-sustainability," Bestehorn adds. 

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