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rlc hosts annual meeting of the Global Packaging Alliance (GPA): "Swiftness is becoming increasingly important in our industry"

PAS Media
PAS Media is a web-based software that tracks all processes for secure artwork project management. All participants have direct access to pro-jects at all times from any location.

Rethink Global Packaging: Sharing know-how for a globally consistent brand presence

Hanover, 16 April 2015 – Increasingly shorter product cycles and re-action times create more challenges for globally harmonized pack-aging management. This year's annual meeting of the Global Pack-aging Alliance (GPA) hosted by rlc focused on viable solutions. The GPA is a consortium of globally active, medium sized packaging companies which coordinate their production processes and quality standards to guarantee a globally consistent brand presence for in-ternational consumer goods manufacturers.

"Swiftness is becoming increasingly important in our industry. Worldwide rollouts of new products need to be faster, secure and standardized. Globally harmonized packaging management is the key," explains GPA spokesman and rlc | packaging group CEO Hans-Christian Bestehorn. The goal is to supply packaging that reliably meets high-quality standards, offers unique added value and is produced in accordance with the strict-est safety regulations.

With the rlc I packaging group leading the way, GPA member companies are prepared to face the challenges. Alliance members communicate in depth about the demands on global and individual market levels. As one of the founding members of the GPA, rlc invited international GPA repre-sentatives to Hanover for this year's meeting. In line with the "Rethink Global Packaging" theme, the packaging manufacturers discussed ways of making global packaging management even more efficient for their customers.

In addition to sharing know-how among GPA members, there was a focus on organizing secure data transfers within a centralized system. Achiev-ing globally consistent packaging design is also supported by expertise from brandpack. Initially developed by rlc, the concept of a packaging de-sign agency working in close cooperation with production operations and the industry is now implemented by several GPA member companies. At the meeting, rlc also demonstrated how key aspects of its lean philosophy can be used as a viable approach to implementing efficient, harmonized processes on a global level.

Maximizing security in the artwork process
The packaging experts also discussed PAS Media, an artwork lifecycle management system. This software can be used to efficiently and secure-ly manage the entire workflow in a global packaging project. Each pro-cess participant has direct access to key data at all times and can always see who completed which step, and when. Thanks to automated sub-processes combined with seamless documentation of all changes, PAS Media maximizes security throughout the artwork process. GMP-validated since 2006, the software is also suitable for projects in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

"Our customers not only profit from globally coordinated standards," says Bestehorn. "Collaboration and in-depth knowledge sharing within our net-work enables us to continually optimize our processes and develop our expertise for our customers. We are always prepared to quickly react on a global scale without sacrificing product quality."

GPA profile
The Global Packaging Alliance is a consortium of six independent, global-ly active, medium-sized packaging companies. The focus of GPA mem-bers is on innovative, high-quality packaging made from cardboard, plas-tic and other substrates. GPA member companies guarantee uniform quality and production standards, while supporting international consumer goods manufacturers in their efforts to maintain a consistent worldwide brand image. The network's customers include Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Unilever and other well-known companies.

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