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rlc at interpack 2014: Packaging expertise for "SAVE FOOD"

Hanover, 20 February 2014 – The special exhibition "Innovationparc Packaging" (IPP) from 7 to 14 May at interpack is dedicated this year to the SAVE FOOD theme. As a member of the SAVE FOOD initiative, the rlc | packaging group and the company's "brandpack" center of excellence for comprehensive packaging design will be present with a display in the outdoor area IPP 13. Packaging experts will be on hand to present support concepts along the entire food industry value chain. This gives trade show visitors a chance to learn about optimizing processes and materials in the context of the SAVE FOOD objectives.


"As a packaging industry leader, we are aware of our responsibilities at the interface between food manufacturers, retailers and consumers," explains rlc | packaging group CEO Stephan Bestehorn. "With this in mind, we support the SAVE FOOD initiative and actively communicate with other companies and stakeholders that have a significant impact on the amount of waste along the food value chain."

According to Bestehorn, packaging plays an important role in the value chain. "By consistently and comprehensively improving packaging solutions, we help eliminate food waste. At the same time, we conserve resources by minimizing the amount of material required. This approach is eco-friendly and cost efficient."


The continuation of Packaging 3.0

As part of the "Packaging 3.0" concept, rlc has for many years focused on the development of high-quality packaging solutions that support sustainable consumption and attract attention at point of sale. As a system supplier, rlc continuously advances the attributes of carton-based packaging solutions and optimizes their potential to create a wide range of applications. Food and consumer goods manufacturers can take advantage of this to position their products in the market and highlight sustainability or other benefits.

As a member of the SAVE FOOD initiative, rlc takes things a step further. "As a system supplier, we know exactly how to develop packaging that meets the needs of the market, consumers, production and the environment," Bestehorn explains. "This support expertise enables us to permanently optimize processes along the packaging value chain, prevent food waste and conserve resources."


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