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Red Dot Gala: a culmination for our packaging concept

At the Red Dot Gala in Berlin, together with medi GmbH & Co. KG and the advertising agency Leo Burnett, we received the coveted Red Dot Award for our packaging concept of ITEM m6’s exclusive hosiery and shapewear brand.

About the packaging: It is attractive and medically effective at the same time: the modern ITEM m6 hosiery and shapewear concept from high-tech manufacturer medi. The packaging has a surprising soft-touch finishing with a velvety-smooth, deeply UV-print surface. A selection of printed package inserts visible through front and back windows attract even more attention. Like a book waiting to be opened, the folding box attracts consumer curiosity and can be reclosed with a gentle "click." The holistic concept is a winner: this packaging received the  Red Dot Communication Award 2015 and is a finalist for the Pro Carton ECMA Award.

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