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Pro Carton Platinum Award for sport product packaging of CEP Compression Sport Socks & Tights

The CEP packaging concept developed by rlc won over the jury as a successful example of efficient late-stage customization.

Hanover/Malta, October 28, 2019. The winners of the 2019 European Carton Excellence Award have now been announced. At the award ceremony in Malta, the rlc | packaging group was honored for a third consecutive year, taking home the Platinum Award for a packaging concept it prepared for CEP Compression Sport Socks & Tights. The design won over the jury as a successful example of efficient late-stage customization.

“All for one, and one for all” could be the motto for rlc’s award-winning packaging. Working together with its partners medi GmbH & Co. KG, brand.pack and Iggesund, the packaging specialist created a master design with four packaging sizes that can be individually adapted to over a hundred different products. “Our goal was to meet the high quality standards of the CEP brand, while also lowering the logistics costs,” explains Stephan Bestehorn, Managing Partner, rlc | packaging group.

This was made possible thanks to late-stage customization. First, the master design is printed and finished for the entire production run. Afterwards, a label printer is used for just-in-time customization on the facing and back panel. According to Bestehorn: “This combination allows the different product packages to be efficiently integrated, and is an extremely versatile and sustainable example of customized packaging.” Clearly, the jury was equally impressed: as a remarkably original packaging solution based on sustainable cardboard, the concept was selected for the Pro Carton Platinum Award.

Innovative all-round solution
In addition to production efficiency and individualization, the packaging design meets the high standards for product recognition and recloseability. The large window beneath the lid effectively showcases the product, while the premium-quality magnetic closure on all packaging versions makes it easier for sales staff to remove the socks, show them to the customer, and return them to the package. As a special service, a QR code is included on the packaging insert to remind the customer to reorder the product after it has been removed.

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