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PCD Congress 2016: rlc | packaging group presents new smart packaging concepts

The "Illumination" design in the Lumen range of packaging A surprise for the buyer: when the "Illumination" packaging is opened, a light on the base illuminates the inside of the bottle.

Aachen/Paris, 7 January 2016. Design and technology, passion and sustainability, a love for brands and details: Following their motto "Rethink packaging" the rlc I packaging group presents new system solutions for prestige beauty packaging at the PCD Congress taking place in Paris on 3-4 February 2016 (Stand CD 13). One example of the company’s innovative concept is the "Lumen" range, a smart packaging solution that allows packaging to shine. On the second day of the trade exhibition, Stephan Bestehorn, rlc Managing Partner, will also be presenting a lecture focusing on the advantages of lean management in the packaging industry.

"The prestige beauty industry demands the utmost aesthetic integrity, innovation and precision – more than almost any other market segment," explains Marie Burel-Duton, rlc Senior Sales Manager for the French prestige market. "To appeal to today’s sophisticated consumers, it’s often not enough for packaging to be merely attractive. It must be capable of surprising consumers, communicating with them, and ideally persuading them with intelligent added value." One example of this is the new "rlc I Lumen" range, which focuses on the interplay of light with individual packaging design elements. This is made possible through an innovative technology that allows an electronic circuit, battery and switch to be integrated into the packaging during the printing process. The advantage: in contrast to lighting solutions of the past, the individual components no longer have to be integrated into the packaging manually. This makes illuminated packaging suitable for mass production and also enables brand new, high-impact effects that make prestige packaging even more appealing.

Lean is the new green
When it comes to beauty packaging, sustainability is defined as using fewer resources to achieve the same function. rlc incorporates sustainability into all processes by structuring every phase of production around lean principles. "Along with our expertise in brand environments and finishing options, as a system supplier we incorporate modern supply chain concepts and lean approaches into our production. Working in close cooperation with our customers, we implement these elements into their value chain, for instance in vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and just-in-time concepts," explains rlc Managing Partner Stephan Bestehorn. At the PCD Congress, the owner of the family-managed company will be taking a closer look at this topic on 4 February at 9:45 a.m. in a lecture presented as part of the official conference program.

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