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LuxePack 2018: The Monaco Connection signature

Content and packaging of the exquisite "Diamond Stories" writing set combine highest quality and individuality.

Hanover/Monaco, 26 October 2018. The success story continues: RLC PACKAGING GROUP and HEINZ-GLAS invited partners and customers for the third time to an exclusive packaging meetup on the sidelines of LuxePack 2018 in Monaco. The "Monaco Connection" networking event brought together industry experts to discuss the specific expectations and demands placed on packaging solutions in the prestige segment. The highlight was the presentation of the giveaway called "Diamond Stories". It was produced jointly by the Monaco Connection partners and demonstrated the innovative potential of close collaboration for exclusive products.

More value, more quality and more exclusiveness – these are the three things customers want from packaging manufacturers in the luxury goods market. To satisfy these expectations, manufacturers have to constantly rethink concepts, find new approaches and create elements of surprise. This is why rlc | packaging group and HEINZ-GLAS formed the Monaco Connection in 2016, pooling their expertise to design high-end primary and secondary packaging. As in previous years, the luxury packaging experts hosted a networking event at LuxePack 2018 for numerous brand owners, retailers, designers and suppliers to share their experience in the prestige segment and open up new perspectives.

"The value of luxury goods goes far beyond the pure utility of the product. People live and experience these goods and make them a part of their own personal stories," said Stephan Bestehorn, rlc | packaging group managing partner. "They project these experiences onto the packaging. The key challenge for us as manufacturers of premium packaging solutions is to create the right canvas for this."

High-end and unique

It was this consideration of the personal experiences of its customers that inspired the Monaco Connection to dazzle its guests with an equally unique giveaway at the event. Those attending received a handmade, curved and black-pigmented glass dip pen with an exclusive flacon designed like a glass ink bottle with a striking cut-diamond look and gold finishing from HEINZ-GLAS. The sets also featured eye-catching wooden stoppers, individually polished and specially designed to complement the flacons.

The stylish sets were presented in secondary packaging with an iridescent sheen that varies depending on how it catches the light. Hot-foil printing reiterates the geometric pattern of the diamond cut. The packaging combines two differently colored materials. Great attention to detail is evident in the sealing mechanism, with magnets in the lid and base producing a distinctive sound on opening and closing. "The interplay of premium quality and an individual aesthetic is the hallmark of this packaging. It incorporates the essential quality of a writing set and transfers the personal signature of the contents to the external surfaces," Bestehorn explained. The packaging concept was developed and produced by rlc packaging.

The "Diamond Stories" writing set is the product of a closely coordinated partnership headed by rlc and HEINZ-GLAS. Other partners include Minelli, Arjo Wiggins, Fixum and Faber-Castell.

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