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Holographic 3D highlight: pharmaceutical packaging from rlc receives 22nd European Carton Excellence Award

The pharmaceutical packaging for Mezym® produced by Berlin-Chemie makes a positive impression with its eye-catching metallic finish and holographic effects.

Hanover, 09 October 2018 – The two industry associations Pro Carton and ECMA presented the European Carton Excellence Award 2018 to the rlc | packaging group for the pharmaceutical packaging design for Mezym®, a medication produced by Berlin-Chemie. With its eye-catching metallic finish and holographic 3D effects, the folding carton for tablet blister packs made a big impression in the “Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals” category.

The coveted European Carton Excellence Award was presented to the rlc | packaging group this year for the second time in a row. Pro Carton and ECMA honored the folding carton manufacturer in the “Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals” category. The judges were impressed by the consumer communication aspect of the packaging for Mezym®, a medication produced by Berlin-Chemie AG: According to a spokesperson: "The printing effects and colorways combined with minimalist graphics help this pack tell the consumer exactly what the product does. The key is a pictogram with holographic effects."

The packaging design attracts attention thanks to its coloring and three-dimensional lens, which is applied to a metallic material and printed with a stylized image of the gastrointestinal tract. This makes it immediately clear to the customer which symptoms the medication alleviates. This patient-friendly presentation is highlighted with a pink halo. The eye-catching, high-quality shiny metallic colors also attract attention to the product.

Special effects – stylish, safe, efficient

Working in cooperation with the brandpack packaging design agency, rlc developed a high-impact finishing concept. Speaking at the award ceremony, rlc | packaging group Managing Partner Stephan Bestehorn said: "These eye-catching refinements are rarely seen on pharmaceutical packaging. However, OTC products need to attract attention at the point of sale. We are setting new standards with this 3D design." The eye-catching packaging not only complies with all guidelines and specifications for pharmaceutical products, its 3D optical effect also offers additional protection against forgery. rlc focuses on efficient implementation of lens technology and other complex effects by placing custom designs with absolute registration accuracy on the carton.

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