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Global Packaging Alliance® welcomes Samwon Printing as new member

gap meeting south korea
The management representatives from GPA members at their annual meeting in South Korea.

Hanover / South Korea, 21  January 2016. The Global Packaging Alliance® (GPA) has announced Samwon Printing as a new member at their annual meeting, which took place in South Korea in February. GPA representatives from all over the world integrate an Asian partner that best complements the GPA’s packaging network in terms of management philosophy, technical capabilities, and target markets.

“With Samwon Printing we found a perfect fit within the GPA world,” said Hans-Christian Bestehorn, GPA spokesman and CEO of the rlc|packaging group, a GPA charter member. “Their willingness to share information as well their productivity orientation and technology park is a great benchmark for the Asian packaging market.”

Samwon Printing is a leading supplier of folding cartons in South Korea, with FMCG customers ranging from food and beverage to the fashion and beauty industries. The company was founded by Mr. JC Won in 1983 and is known for its speedy lead time while maintaining global quality standards. Samwon achieves this by following its strict philosophy of clean environmental practices and transparent management. Therefore, the company had the distinction of receiving the ‘Medal of Honor’ from the South Korean Government.

“We are always looking for ways to learn and grow with the international community and we are very excited to join the GPA as its newest member,” said Eric Won, CEO of Samwon Printing.

The annual meeting also provided an ideal forum for members to discuss packaging trends in their respective markets and share the latest developments in their operations, including equipment investments, process improvements, new materials, and technical advancements. In line with the "Rethink Global Packaging" theme, the packaging manufacturers discussed ways of making global packaging management even more efficient in order to ensure a consistent brand presence for globally operating brand owners.

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