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Global Packaging Alliance® (GPA) Holds Annual Meeting in Brazil

The management representatives from GPA members at their annual meeting in Brazil, São Paulo.

Hannover / São Paolo, April 13 2017Emerging packaging trends are impacting brands, retailers, and consumers in new ways, and creating opportunities for packaging converters at the same time. Members of the Global Packaging Alliance® (GPA) discussed this and other issues during their annual meeting held in São Paolo, Brazil last month. Representatives from the global consortium of independent, medium-sized packaging manufacturers convened from all over the world to explore solutions to evolving packaging requirements.

“As a resource alliance, the GPA is the ideal platform to exchange state-of-the-art procedures and answers to today’s challenges such as time-to-market reduction, sustainability goals, or Industry 4.0 initiatives,” said Hans-Christian Bestehorn, GPA spokesman and CEO of the rlc | packaging group, a GPA charter member. “The knowledge transfer within the GPA enables worldwide packaging management for all members.”

Gonçalves, a leading supplier of cosmetic and health care folding cartons in Latin America, hosted the meeting at their newly built, state-of-the-art Cajamar headquarters, located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The building’s design ingenuity has transformed the space into a world-class reference for functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The 54,000 m2 industrial plant supports 20+ production lines, with an arrangement of machines that contributes to a natural workflow. Technical and architectural solutions (e.g., reflective windows, thermo acoustic roof tiles, LED lighting) all improve the plant’s energy efficiency, which supports the ongoing commitment to sustainability shared by all GPA members.

The annual meeting also provided an ideal forum for members to discuss packaging trends in their respective markets and share the latest developments in their operations, including equipment investments, technical advancements, process improvements, new materials, and operating data for benchmarking. In line with the motto “Think Global – Act Local”, the GPA’s goal is to serve a global customer base with responsive, high quality, localized streamlined service.


About GPA

The Global Packaging Alliance® is an international organization of eight independent, medium-sized, globally active packaging experts with members on all continents. Members include:

  • rlc | packaging group – Hannover, Germany, Poland and Switzerland
  • Diamond Packaging – Rochester/New York, United States
  • Gonçalves SA Indústria Gráfica – São Paolo, Brazil and Mexico
  • Polygrafoformlenie – Flexo – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Kumar Printers – Gurgaon, India
  • Masterpack – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Samwon Printing – Gimpo, South Korea

The focus of the GPA members is on innovative and high quality packaging based on paperboard, plastic and other materials. The GPA members guarantee unified quality and production standards and help international brand owners achieve a globally consistent brand presence. Customers of the alliance include Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, L’Oréal and Unilever.

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