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Cosmetic Business 2015: rlc | packaging group presents security concepts for Beauty Packaging

rlc Sign optics technology
With Signoptic technology, rlc customers in the beauty segment can add security based on the natural, random structures in the material surface.

Hanover, 6 May 2015 – The rlc | packaging group is presenting security solutions for beauty product packaging under the tagline "Rethink Packaging" at the Cosmetic Business international trade fair in Munich. The packaging solutions include eco-friendly inline finishing with security features as well as technologies utilizing non-forgeable surface structures. The solutions will be on display June 10-11, Stand C 21, Hall 4.

"In a market that is increasingly affected by plagiarism, security is rapidly gaining importance for beauty product packaging," says rlc | packaging group CEO Stephan Bestehorn. "Integrated into the packaging design and finishing processes, security technologies should support all aspects of the brand. With cosmetics, consumers aren't just buying a product: They want to do something for their personal sense of beauty. Packaging should convey this feeling." In line with this concept, the rlc packaging experts will be showing ways to create reliable protection for beauty industry products.

Always an original
The rlc | packaging group offers beauty product manufacturers Signoptic technology, a process based on the naturally occurring, random structures in packaging materials. The unique fiber structure of the packaging cardboard is optically scanned to create a unique, distinctive signature. To determine product authenticity, the packaging is rescanned and compared to the original result.

The scryptoTRACE® process from the U-NICA Group is used by rlc to mark packaging with a printed security code invisible to the naked eye. A smartphone can be used to quickly and easily check marked products for authenticity.

"Special micro-markings can be used with our Laser Gloss technology to create reliable product protection," says Bestehorn. "Security and an attractive look is achieved in a single process – that also supports eco- sustainability."

Sustainable, attractive – and secure
Laser Gloss is one of the eco-friendly and "Green Chic" inline finishing processes used by rlc for Beauty Packaging. The technology creates a variety of holographic and semi-matt effects without having to rely on foil lamination. This is made possible by a multipurpose special film with a structure that is embossed in the still-wet coating. The result is an eye-catching packaging solution that can be easily recycled.

The rlc | packaging group presentation at the trade show also includes sustainable and POS solutions. "In line with our 'Rethink Packaging' theme, we continuously redefine new packaging ideas for our customers," explains Bestehorn. "Impact at the POS is a key focus. At the same time, efficient, sustainable and lean practices are also important aspects of our work."

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