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AR Packaging: Crucial need for safe and hygienic packaging during the pandemic

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Safe and hygienic packaging can save lives during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. And with its high standards the modern packaging industry is uniquely qualified to offer cartons, cups, boxes and a complete range of products to help limit the spread of the pandemic.

Health is even more on everyone’s mind during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. In this situation it is crucial to maintain an efficient supply chain of medicines and other essential goods. Well-designed packaging keeps medical products clean and sterile and ensures safe delivery of prepared food, fresh food, infant milk powder and much more.

It is a top priority for the packaging industry to continue to deliver optimised packaging. This way healthcare centres maintain the ability to provide care, supermarkets remain fully stocked and consumers can buy takeaway foods instead of dining at crowded restaurants.

”Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring safe and healthy living. In these exceptional times the value of packaging is recognised by all of society,” says Harald Schulz, CEO at AR Packaging. ”The industry as a whole is committed to provide optimised solutions for a wide range of end-uses for the urgent needs of today and with tomorrow’s world in mind.”

The packaging industry has for decades successfully supplied packaging to multiple segments with high demands. And as one of the leaders of the industry, AR Packaging has been quick to implement additional precautions due to the coronavirus and the Group continues to serve its customers and thereby society in the best way possible.

Packaging solutions provide important functions today and are also designed to meet the
sustainability needs for the days and years to come.


For more information please contact:
Ingrid Lidbäck, Group Marketing & Communication Director at AR Packaging
Telephone: +46 70 566 31 83

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