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A convincing first moment of truth

Successful packaging design contributes to both a product's look and its function. This is true for both FMCG and sensitive pharmaceutical products.


Our unique combination of consulting support and production-oriented design services creates the best possible packaging, expertly designed to convince consumers at the first moment of truth. We implement lean processes to improve the quality and operational performance of our packaging solutions. This is what we call “Design Excellence”.

Trademark protection


We show you a variety of technologies that can distinguish between original and counterfeit products.



Smart packaging


Packaging is much more than product protection. Today's intelligent packaging offers an array of additional benefits.


Cross-media solutions


Do you want to interact with consumers through packaging? Let us inspire you!





Green chic solutions


Our green chic solutions combine the responsible use of resources, reliable product supply, and eye-catching presentation.



Innovation management

Our innovations are creative and enable systematic planning – so that they move in the right direction from the very start.