Leaflets - Safe and easy to read

Pharmaceutical and Beauty products are characterized by increasing demands for safety and information. Legislative requirements are also increasing, as indicated by the recent EU Readability Guideline. At our PHARMACENTERS, we produce leaflets that meet today’s safety regulations – flat, folded, or as outserts sealed with adhesive.


Safety is extremely important in this industry. That's why we offer comprehensive quality control during the printing process and check the final product against the print data PDF file. We supply printed, trimmed, and folded leaflets to your production line just-in-time – along with the folding boxes if required.


Outserts are small folded leaflets sealed with adhesive points or labels. We also produce patented Vijuk outserts.



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We also produce unfolded leaflets in a variety of sizes, ranging from 80 x 120 mm to 520 x 1010 mm.


Pre-folded leaflets

We supply pre-folded leaflets, which eliminates this step on the packing line. Leaflets are usually wrapped in a blister during packing and slid onto the folding box.

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