Green chic – Packaging 3.0

For many years, packaging mainly served as a logistics and marketing platform for emerging consumer goods. In the age of mass consumption, packaging was enhanced and used to differentiate brand products and add convenience. Today, in the third stage, we are seeing another change: Consumption and packaging are taking on a more intelligent role.

Meaningful, sustainable consumption that does not negatively affect quality of life is on the agenda. This means rethinking packaging and the entire value chain. rlc is heading in a new direction with packaging 3.0.

Packaging today is "green chic": It is manufactured using lean, low-waste processes and sustainable production, but still guarantees an optimal first moment of truth. Green chic means responsible use of resources, reliable product supply, and eye-catching presentation that creates an impulse to buy.

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/3_Dienstleistungen/3.2_Marketing_Loesungen/3.2.7_Green_Chic_Loesungen/Anzeigenmotiv_Blume_220x165px.jpg tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/3_Dienstleistungen/3.2_Marketing_Loesungen/3.2.7_Green_Chic_Loesungen/pusteblume_228x165px.jpg tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/3_Dienstleistungen/3.2_Marketing_Loesungen/3.2.7_Green_Chic_Loesungen/RLC_1798_228x165px.jpg tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/3_Dienstleistungen/3.2_Marketing_Loesungen/3.2.7_Green_Chic_Loesungen/Bluemchen_228x165px.jpg

Making all this happen is our responsibility. Our packaging architects at brandpack work with you to develop a comprehensive, sustainable and convincing solution.

Our green chic inline technologies are especially sustainable. These finishing techniques can be applied in one production step during the printing process. Extremely efficient, eco-friendly production also reduces the carbon footprint of your
packaging. Let us prove it to you – read more about our finishing techniques here.