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Individualized Food2Go Packaging

Today’s mobile society enjoys eating fresh food while being on the go. Whether it is fast food, snacks from the grocery store or the deli counter – successful to-go-products win the customers with their smart and convenient packaging solutions. We develop innovative solutions that exactly fit the product’s needs.


Opt for an environmentally friendly to-go packaging made of paper and cardboard. To provide proper communication and recognition value for your products, we take all individual requirements into consideration. Also, we guarantee using material and finishing suited for direct food contact as a matter of course. Our food service solutions are available in small and large scales.


If you are interested in our Food2Go solutions or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


Below, we present an overview of our Food2Go solutions for:

Fruit and vegetable trays, baking trays, carriers, burgers, hot dogs, french fries, wraps, snacks, sushi and salads, cardboard solutions, paper solutions

Fruit and vegetable trays

Your fruits and vegetables – our trays: the trays are straightened up and stackable to save space. The applied material is perfectly suited for moisture exchange and prevents waterlogging. All our trays are recyclable and compostable.

Baking trays

With CartoBack ®, we made baking so much easier: whether it’s cake, casserole or meat – convenience in the kitchen is very trendy. The specially developed baking tray keeps its shape even under high temperatures. The trays are printable with multiple colours and can be filled industrially. For more information, feel free to contact us.



tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-carrier-web.jpg

For every large appetite, carrier boxes combine various meals to a compact menu. The large communication area provides enough space to create a lively brand world and the little ones love it for its playfulness. The cardboard carrier keeps every product in place and easily accessible.


Every now and then, it has got to be a juicy burger. A clamshell box made of cardboard provides plenty of communication area and draws attention to its tastiness. It also provides the necessary stability and protection. The boxes are delivered in stacks, thus being particularly space saving for the fast food business.

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-clamshell-web.jpg


Hot Dogs

These hot snacks experienced quite a revival lately. In this context, their packaging has great potential to be optimized as well. For example, usual paper bags do not provide enough protection to prevent ingredients from falling out. But nice stable cardboard packages can be delivered space saving and are easily transformed into take away solutions.

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-hotdog-web.jpg


French Fries

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-pommes-web.jpg

Crispy and flavourful, that is how we love our fries. Innovative coatings offer good barrier solutions, so this enjoyment does not get too greasy. These trays are delivered flat but if needed, they can be straightened up quickly.


tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-wraps-web.jpg

So fresh, so crisp, so light – the rolled wrap has to keep his striking qualities with the right packaging. Innovative solutions made of cardboard are a stable alternative to aluminum wraps or plastic bags. Handling is made easy with a clever opening mechanism, e.g. a precise perforation.


Ready and go – nuggets, slices of pizza, cakes or sandwiches are convenient snacks in between meetings. To preserve their freshness, temperature and consistency, their packaging has to fit the product requirements perfectly. The right solution for your to go snack provides great enjoyment and satisfies customers.

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-takeaway-web.jpg


Sushi and salads

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-sushi-web.jpg

Watching the preparation at the POS convinces the customers of a product's freshness – but it should clearly last until the time of consumption. The window conveys additional transparency. Sustainable materials accentuate the credibility of an environmentally friendly, healthy product – a very distinguishing feature in contrast to the usual plastic boxes.

Food2Go cardboard

tl_files/rlc-packaging/images/Bilder_def/4._Produkte/4.1_Verpackungen/4.1.16 Food Service Packaging/fsp-food-carton-web.jpg

Your products need stable to go packaging that provides enough protection? With their suitable barrier solution, cardboard boxes are the ideal eco friendly solution for your products.

Feel free to contact us!


Food2Go paper

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Are you looking for light, environmentally friendly snack packaging like paper wraps or bags? Then, clever paper packaging is just right for you. Please contact our specialized partner at eller food packaging.