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Folding boxes and blanks

Folding boxes and blanks offer practically unlimited possibilities. They can be packed by machine or set up by hand, with windows, tear-off perforations, inner compartments, spout openings, and many other options.

We supply packaging as flat, pre-glued cartons or as unglued packaging blanks. We are happy to advise you!


Look here to get a general idea of our folding boxes and blanks:


Cardboard packaging, see-through folding boxes of PET or PP, transparent window folding boxes, handypacks, lined folding boxes, miniature packaging, E- and F- currugated cardboard packaging, suitable blanks for vending machines, folding boxes with lids, vial cards

Cardboard packaging

We turn your cardboard packaging ideas for different applications into reality – whether packed by machine or set up by hand.

See-through folding boxes of PET or PP



Transparent folding boxes offer a good view of what’s inside and guarantee an excellent product presentation.

Transparent window folding boxes

Tailored to the type of folding box and the packaged product, we offer transparent window film from rolls or sturdy PET/PP windows that can be printed, embossed or foil embossed, or even folded over edges.




Our practical pocket-sized on-the-go packaging ‘ZetKLIK’ is ideal for products like candy or gum. A wide selection of openings fulfils all security requirements for tamper-proof packaging, and guarantees fun and excitement.



Lined folding boxes

Lined folding boxes are the ideal storage solution to protect products from moisture and loss of flavor.

Miniature packaging





Small in size and big in quality, convenient for travel and securely sealed, mini packaging is perfect for to-go products or small items that tend to get lost without packaging.

E- and F- currugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging is relatively light but very sturdy. Suitable for transport packaging, it can also be used to package high-quality consumer goods.

Suitable blanks for vending machines


Fully-automated packaging is often the most important requirement in the manufacturing of industrial goods. Supported by our packaging technicians from ZET Engineering, we guarantee problem-free, high-speed set-up, filling and gluing.

Folding boxes with lids

Extraordinary products call for the highest-quality packaging. Two-part folding boxes with lids make unpacking the product a special experience.








Vial cards



Samples are coveted giveaways wherever perfumes are sold, and one of the most important aspects of a successful product promotion. Our vial cards are available in all finishing options, just like the original packaging.