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Extraordinary solutions

Tracking trends and applying them to packaging is our day-to-day business.


Take a closer look at some of our unique solutions:




This packaging solution with a separate lid will make your product stand out with a premium presentation. When the lid is lifted off, the sides open out and down to create a clear view of the contents. The perfect platform for your product!


The Shapeline series is an eye-catching packaging solution for products in tubes. Small changes can be made to create a variety of designs for different marketing messages, whether soft, dynamic or avant-garde. Unique solutions for each product!

Special features like a euroslot for hanging displays, tamper-proof packaging or counterfeit proofing can be easily integrated.




An innovation for the Luxury goods industry! Our Carving packaging is constructed from multiple layers of cardboard, wrapped and punched out to create an impressive 3D effect.


Our "Carving Corsage" (image) is designed to resemble a woman's body. Inspired by luxury lingerie, we created alluring packaging for your product.









This practical pocket packaging opens with a sliding motion – now in the third generation! The ZetSLIDE 3 has additional advertising and graphic space that can only be seen when it’s fully open, for guaranteed fun and excitement.