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ZET Engineering

The rlc group’s comprehensive services include custom packaging along with the required packaging machinery. ZET Engineering offers a variety of standard and special solutions tailored to your requirements. Years of experience have made us a competent partner in the development of machine concepts for a wide range of products. Our reliable equipment is in operation at more than 450 sites of well-known companies across the globe.



Cost-effectiveness, flexibility and quality are our top priorities. In addition to our in-house and special developments, we represent major packaging machine manufacturers, including Econopak and GIMA[Links]. From project development and installation to maintenance, our customer focus means that you can rely on a professional team of engineers to provide comprehensive advice and support:
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Realization
  • Start-up and maintenance of packaging lines

We offer a complete range of machines:



Horizontal cartoning


Vertikal cartoning


Special machines




Cemil Kahraman
Head of ZET Engineering

Phone +41 (0) 31 978 11 03
E-Mail: Cemil.Kahraman@rlc-packaging.com


ZET Engineering

Gartenstadtstraße 5

3098 Köniz, Switzerland


Telephone +41 (0) 31 978 11 09

E-mail: zetengineering@rlc-packaging.com


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