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Beauty to behold: Beauty Box from rlc wins European Carton Excellence Award

Ingenious packaging design provides a safe place for sensitive glass ampoules

The ‚Beauty Box‘, developed and produced by the rlc | packaging group, received the European Carton Excellence Award 2017

Hanover, 4 October 2017. Pro Carton and ECMA, two leading carton and folding box industry associations, have presented this year's European Carton Excellence Award in the Beauty & Cosmetics category to the rlc | packaging group. The company convinced the jury with its Beauty Box designed to delicately package, protect, and attractively showcase sensitive glass ampoules.

Presenting one of Europe's most important cardboard packaging awards for the 21st time, Pro Carton and ECMA selected the winners based on their excellent packaging solutions made from cardboard. This year, the rlc | packaging group convinced the judges with an ampoule packaging design for the Bellessence brand. The concept was praised by the jury: "Beautiful, simple and secure. This attractive box does everything needed to hold, protect and display the precious glass ampoules." The delicate vials contain high-quality skincare products that need to be presented accordingly.

The Beauty Box was developed as a limited edition exclusively for Mother's Day. The packaging design features a delicate pink and the special effect is intensified by soft-touch finishing. Windows along the length of the box on both sides make the contents of the gift box clearly recognizable. The natural, sustainable character is created without PET window foil, yet the ampoules are well protected against breakage or premature removal at the POS. Thanks to its intelligent three-part design – base, lid, case – the packaging stands out from other solutions on the market and clearly attracts attention at the POS.

Design supports the skincare system 

The popular skin treatment consists of two different phases with one ampoule for the morning, and one for the evening. This is perfectly reflected in the packaging design. Ampoules for the evening are inserted into the base, those for the morning are in the lid. When the box is closed, the opposing ampoules stabilize each other. When the lid is opened, the glass vials remain securely in their inlets, creating a unique "wow" effect.

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