LD Media

LD Media is an agency for communication and media design with core disciplines in the areas of communication, digital, graphics and design, solutions for automatic catalogue production (PIM) and media asset management (MAM) and photography. The agency proofes its excellence daily in conceptual and operative solutions - from ideation to implementation.


With a focus on development and implementation of classic and digital marketing and communication LD Media offers a wide range of services: from classic direct marketing campaigns with innovative response elements to complete redesigns of corporate identity l corporate design – online and offline. The agency brings creativity, professional expertise, economic efficiency and state-of-the-art-technology to every project.



LD Media

Pfadackerstrasse 10

8957 Spreitenbach, Switzerland


Telephone +41 (0) 56 417 55 33

E-mail info@ld-media.ch   

Web www.ld-media.ch


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